4DR Studios insights #2: Audio & volumetric video
30 March 2020


Challenge: Changing the length of a volumetric video sequence

Volumetric video comes with many challenges, some of which may surprise you: One of the very first editing tools you use when you start editing video is the ability to cut out the exact sequence we want from a larger segment. And we are not kidding when we tell you that even this basic tool is not available for volumetric video yet. Currently there are two options available: you can manage the visible portion of the volumetric video in Unity3D. However, this does not reduce data volume. So if your original sequence is 3 minutes and you use only 10 seconds, your data volume is that of 3 minutes. This is of course a major drawback.

The second option is to request a new export from the volumetric capture system. Fortunately this does not trigger a new rendering process, but once you receive the new export you have to redo the import and alignment in Unity3D. So this option also includes quite a bit more of manual work than you would guess beforehand. We need software solutions for handling volumetric video, preferably solution that do not require deep coding skills. Sense of Space, a Finnish startup, is targeting exactly this problem and we are rooting for them to succeed! We will be working together over the coming year to create a sensible editing tool for volumetric video.


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