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24 juni 2020
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Explained: What is volumetric video capture?

In a world full of tech innovations, volumetric video is a big runner. This video technique captures you from different viewpoints. It captures moving images of people in 3D-style! How cool would it be to see a digital twin of yourself at any place you want, whenever you want? Although it is a big game changer, a lot of people are not quite familiar with this topic yet. In this blog we will take you with us and give you a short introduction about the volumetric video and how we used it in our three previous projects we worked on.

What is Volumetric Video?
Imagine yourself being filmed with multiple cameras in a volumetric video studio you don’t have to focus on the camera’s, because they capture every movement, expression and detail in the studio you’re in. After the (post) production process, you will receive a 3D-digital video of yourself. You can watch the movements from every position, location and time you would like. The 3D video can be viewed on various devices, from mobile devices (phone, tablet) to VR and AR glasses and 3D displays. The final 3D-video can be used in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) as well in a 2D video. The 3D video will fit best when its applied in AR and VR, because especially the movements and the personal 3D experience is much more intense than it will be in 2D because of the one viewing point.

Why volumetric video?
Volumetric video is the only way to duplicate 100% of human movements and emotions in 3D. For example, animated faces are replicated and can never be the exact same as the person itself, which could lead to the aesthetical problem of the uncanny valley. Furthermore, if preproduction is done well volumetric video is way more efficient than animating a moving person. Where 3 or 4 seconds of high-quality animation could take up to a week of work, a one-minute volumetric video production is rendered in 10 hours. This of course leads to saving money as well.

Curious about how we put this into practice? We will give your more insight in this article and give you three examples of how to use volumetric video capture!

1. Music video
How cool would it be to have a private concert of your favourite artist in your living room, or anywhere you want? Well, volumetric capture can allow artists to reach their audience in a personal way. By filming a performance of a band or a singer in volumetric, one performance can reach millions of people by simply downloading an app. Fans around the world will be able to view a performance up-close and anywhere they are at any time they want. A good example of a music video with volumetric video capture is the Tweesprong app of Clouseau.
2. Being at two places at the same time
In today's fast paced life, it is not uncommon to have two, or even more, events at the same time and having to choose which one is the most important. No need to choose anymore because you can prerecord your speech or presentation and appear in 3D in from of your audience while being in another meeting or conference miles. Another advantage would be that you can give the same presentation at the same time at multiple locations all over the world..

Museums and exhibitions
Going to a museum can be quite boring especially for younger children. But what if your own personal guide, historical figure or a scientist pops up, tells you stories and makes sure you relive history again by giving you a live tour ? This could capture the interest of people, raise awareness for history or art in a playful and educational way. Volumetric video can be added to a specific exposition and improve the whole exhibition. For instance, we brought life by adding real people into a static 3D maquette in Maastricht. Visitors can relive stories that happened back in the city.

With volumetric video we’re bringing real people to AR, VR and MR. The technology opens many doors for bringing soul in to your digital experiences. If you are interested in our projects and the ways of how we contribute to the development of volumetric video, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter!

Watch our work here & here!

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